This section reports the conference publications/presentations generated by the MY-ATRIA project. List of Journal publications can be found here

Year 2019

Atrial Signal – Bordeaux – Oct. 14-15

Luongo G, Schuler S, Rivolta MW, Dössel O, Sassi R, Loewe A, “Automatic Classification of 20 Different Types of Atrial Flutter Using 12-Lead ECG Signals: a Preliminary Computational Study”,

Giorgio’s Poster

Muhamed Vila, Massimo W. Rivolta, Federico Lombardi, Roberto Sassi, “The Use of Acceleration and Deceleration Capacities on Localized Atrial Period Series to Distinguish SR and AF with Administration of Isoproterenol”

Muhamed’s Poster

Computing in Cardiology – Singapore – Sept. 8-11

Jordan Elliott, Olaf Doessel, Axel Loewe, Luca Mainardi, Valentina Corino, Josè Felix Rodriguez Matas. “An In-Silico Study of the Effects of Conductance Variation on the Regionally Based Action Potential Morphology.”

Jordan’s Slide

Saiz-Vivo Javier, Corino VDA, Rivolta MW, Sassi R, Mainardi LT, “Assessment of the effect of fibrillatory waves in the analysis of spatial heterogeneity of ventricular repolarization”

Javier’s Slide

García-Isla G, Corino VDA, Mainardi L, “Cardiac Tachyarrhythmia Detection by Poincaré Plot-based Image Analysis”

Guadalupe’s Poster

Celotto C, Sánchez C, Laguna P, Pueyo E, “Small-Conductance Calcium Activated Potassium Current Inhibition in Autonomically Stimulated Human Atrial Myocytes: a Computational Investigation”

Chiara’s Slides

Riccio J, Alcaine A, de Groot N, Houben R, Laguna P, Martínez J P, “Characterization of Propagation Patterns with Omnipolar EGM in Epicardial Multi-Electrode Arrays”,

Jennifer’s Slides

41th EMBC Conference – Berlin – July 23-27

Luongo G, Schuler S, Dössel O, Loewe A, “12-Lead ECG Feature Identification to Discriminate Different Types of Atrial Flutter”

Giorgio’s Poster

Massimo W. Rivolta, Roberto Sassi, Muhamed Vila, “Refined Ventricular Activity Cancellation in Electrograms During Atrial Fibrillation by Combining Average Beat Subtraction and Interpolation”

Muhamed’s Slide

Azzolin L., Sanchez J., Schuler S., Wachter A., O. Doessel, A. Loewe, “Initiation and mainteinance of re-entrant cardiac propagation: a computational vulnerability study”

Luca’s Poster

Azzolin L., O. Doessel, A. Loewe, “Influence of the protocol used to induce arrhythmia on atrial fibrillation vulnerability”

Luca’s Poster

Others Conferences

Gordon Research Conference – Cardiac Arrhythmia Mechanisms, Lucca, Italy, Mar.-Apr., 2019.
Luongo G, Schuler S, Almeida TP, Soriano DC, Dössel O, Loewe A, “Discrimination od Atrial Flutter on Simulated 12-Lead-ECG Signals by Applying Biosignal Processing”

Giorgio’s Poster

Medtronic Science and Technology European Conference, June 2019, Maastricht, Netherlands.
J Saiz-Vivo, M de Melis, “Assessment of the AF triggers and their role in its progression”

Javier’s Slides

Year 2020

Computing in Cardiology – Rimini – Sep. 13-16th

Mostafa Abdollahpur, Fredrik Holmqvist, Pyotr Platonov, Frida Sandberg, “Respiratory Modulation in Permanent Atrial Fibrillation”

Mostafa’s Paper

Ricardo Salinas-Martínez, Johan De Bie, Nicoletta Marzocchi, Frida Sandberg “Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using Electrocardiomatrix and Convolutional Neural Network”

Ricardo’s Paper

Hesam Halvaei, Emma Svennberg, Leif Sornmo, Martin Stridh, “False Alarm Reduction in Atrial Fibrillation Screening”

Hesam’s Paper

Luca Azzolin, Giorgio Luongo , Sara Rocher, Javier Saiz, Olaf Doessel, Axel Loewe, “Influence of Gradient and Smoothness of Atrial Wall Thickness on Initiation and Maintenance of Atrial Fibrillation”

Luca’s Paper

Giorgio Luongo, Luca Azzolin, Massimo W Rivolta, Tiago Paggi de Almeida, Juan Pablo Martínez, Diogo Coutinho Soriano, Olaf Doessel, Roberto Sassi, Pablo Laguna, Axel Loewe, “Machine Learning to Find Areas of Rotors Sustaining Atrial Fibrillation From the ECG”

Giorgio’s Paper

Giorgio Luongo, Steffen Schuler, Massimo W Rivolta, Olaf Doessel, Roberto Sassi, Axel Loewe, “Automatic ECG-based Discrimination of 20 Atrial Flutter Mechanisms: Influence of Atrial and Torso Geometries”

Giorgio’s Paper

Jennifer Riccio, Sara Rocher, Laura Martinez, Alejandro Alcaine, Javier Saiz, Juan Pablo Martínez, Pablo Laguna, “Unipolar Electrogram Eigenvalue Distribution Analysis for the Identification of Atrial Fibrosis”

Jennifer’s Paper

Chiara Celotto, Carlos Sánchez, Konstantinos Mountris, Mostafa Abdollahpur, Frida Sandberg, Pablo Laguna, Esther Pueyo, “Relationship between Atrial Oscillatory Acetylcholine Release Pattern and f-wave Frequency Modulation: a Computational and Experimental Study”

Chiara’s Paper

Elliott J; Dossel O; Loewe A; Mainardi L; Corino V; Rodriguez Matas JF, “An In-Silico Study Into the Impact of Electrophysiological Variability at the Cellular Level on the Re-entry Patterns in Atrial Fibrillation”

Jordan’s Paper

Rebecca Belletti; Laura Martinez Mateu; Lucia Romero Perez; Javier Saiz, “Simulation Study of the Arrhythmogenic Effects of Two Missense Mutations in Human Atrial Fibrillation”

Rebecca’s Paper

Guadalupe García-Isla, Rita Laureanti, Valentina D. Corino, Luca T. Mainardi, “ECG Morphological Decomposition for Automatic Rhythm Identification”

Guadalupe’s Paper

IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC) – Montreal, July 20-24th

Giorgio Luongo, L. Azzolin, M. W. Rivolta, R. Sassi, J. P. Martinez, P. Laguna, O. Dossel, A. Loewe, “Non-Invasive Identification of Atrial Fibrillation Driver Location Using the 12-lead ECG: Pulmonary Vein Rotors vs. other Locations”

Giorgio’s Paper

Chiara Celotto, Carlos Sanchez, Konstantinos A. Mountris, Pablo Laguna, Esther Pueyo, “SK Channel Block and Adrenergic Stimulation Counteract Acetylcholine-Induced Arrhythmogenic Effects in Human Atria”

Chiara’s Paper

Others Conferences

28th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO)
Jennifer Riccio, Alejandro Alcaine, Sara Rocher, Pablo Laguna, Javier Saiz, Juan Pablo Martinez, “Omnipolar EGM Voltage Mapping for Atrial Fibrosis Identification Evaluated with an Electrophysiological Model”

Jennifer’s Paper

CASEIB 2020. XXXVIII Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Española de Ingeniería Biomédica.
Belletti, R.; Martínez Mateu, L.; Romero Pérez, Lucia; Cherry, E.; Fenton, F. H.; Saiz Rodríguez, Francisco Javier, “Arrhythmogenicity quantification of two genetic defects affecting IKr channel in AF patients”

Rebecca’s Paper

Year 2021

Computing in Cardiology – Brno – Sep. 12-15th

Elliott Jordan; Belen MK; Mainardi L; Corino V; Rodriguez Matas JF, “Impacts of Cellular Electrophysiological Variability on Conduction Velocity Within Isolated Tissue and Depolarization and Repolarization Across the Whole Atrial Model”

Jordan’s Paper

Guadalupe Garcıa-Isla, Luca Mainardi, Valentina DA Corino, “A Poincaré Image-Based Detector of ECG Segments Containing Atrial and Ventricular Beats”

Guadalupe’s Paper

Stefano Magni, Andrea Sansonetti, Chiara Salvi, Tiziana Tabiadon, Guadalupe Garcıa-Isla, “Combining ResNet Model with Handcrafted Temporal Features for ECG Classification with Varying Number of Leads”

Guadalupe’s Paper

Javier Saiz-Vivo, Mostafa Abdollahpur, Luca T. Mainardi, Valentina D.A. Corino, Mirko De Melis, Frida Sandberg, “Atrial Fibrillatory Rate Characterization Extracted from Implanted Cardiac Monitor Data”

Javier’s Paper

IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC) – Guadalajara, Nov. 1-5th

Muhamed Vila, Sara Rocher, Massimo W Rivolta, Javier Saiz, Roberto Sassi, “Directed Network Mapping Approach to Rotor Localization in Atrial Fibrillation Simulation”

Javier’s Paper