Title: Basic Research: Atrial Arrhythmia Mechanisms

Start Month: M6

End Month: M45

Lead Beneficiary: KIT


  • To study the influence of anatomical variability of the interatrial connections on the morphology of the P-wave and the interatrial conduction delay (IACD) associated with IAB on patients with normal and dilated left atrium.
  • To understand the relationship between various patterns of depolarization in the atria and the corresponding features in 12-lead ECG and in BSPM.
  • To study EGM arrays collected in different positions within the atria in term of complex network measures.

Description of work and Role of Specific Beneficiaries/Partner Organisations:

  • Bottom-Up study on the implications of interatrial block in the mechanisms of atrial fibrillation lead by POLIMI, involving UPV, KH and BRC.
  • Detailed 3-D computer models of human atria and torso for studying atrial fibrillation initiation and progression lead by UPV, involving POLIMI and KIT , HIC and MIE.
  • Body Surface Potential Maps and ECG-signals of AF lead by KIT, involving UMIL and UNIZAR, MIE and KH.
  • Atrial complex networks in endocavitary recordings during AF lead by UMIL, involving LU/UPV and UNIZAR, SKANE/KH.