Project supervisors

POLIMI: Mainardi Luca

Scientific qualifications: He is Full Professor in the field of biosignal and bioimage processing, member of the board of the PhD track in Bioengineeering at POLIMI and responsible for the student Erasmus exchange of the Biomedical Engineering track between POLIMI and the University of Rennes, Zaragoza  and Leuven. He published more than 100 papers on peer-reviewed international journals, 2 books and 14 book chapters. Member of the Board of the Italian National Group of Bioengineering (GNB) from 2004 to 2007, he is Chair of the IMIA WG7 on “Biomedical Pattern Recognition”.
Supervision Experience: Supervised 13 PhD students of 3 nationalities, some in co-tutoring with the University of Zaragoza and University of Lund.

UNIMI: Sassi Roberto

Scientific qualifications: He is an Associate Professor, a faculty member of the doctoral school in computer science and coordinates the Biomedical image and Signal Processing (BiSP) group. He published 70 papers in international journals and conferences. He holds a patent on biometric encryption and is a senior member of IEEE.

Supervision Experience: Supervised 5 PhD students of three nationalities and about 40 master and undergraduate students for their final thesis.

LU: Sörnmo Leif

Scientific qualifications: He is Professor of biomedical signal processing; he is the founder and responsible for the 5-year programme in Biomedical Engineering launched in 2011. He is the author of Bioelectrical Signal Processing in Cardiac and Neurological Applications (Elsevier, 2005) and of more than 150 papers in international journals.

Supervision Experience: Supervised 10 PhD doctorates, and has long experience from hosting PhD students (10+) from other European universities.

UNIZAR: Laguna Pablo

Scientific qualifications: He is Professor of Signal Processing and Communications at UNIZAR. Responsible of the Biomedical Engineering PhD Program. In over 20 years of activity. He published about 120 papers on peer-reviewed international journals, 1 books and 12 book chapters.

Supervision Experience: Supervised 12 doctoral fellows, some of them in co-tutoring with the University of Porto and Politecnico di Milano

UPV: Javier Saiz

Scientific qualifications: He is professor and responsible of the Centre for Research and Innovation in Bioengineering (Ci2B). He has an ample experience in cardiac electrophysiology modelling, drug-channel interaction and arrhythmias. He is also the coordinator of the microcluster “Research in personalized medicine” within the Valencia Campus of Excellence, composed of more than 70 investigators. He has published around 40 papers on peer-reviewed international journals and 5 book chapters.

Supervision Experience: Supervised 12 PhD students.

KIT: Doessel Olaf

Scientific qualifications: He is Professor and Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at KIT. He is responsible for the field of competence “Medical Engineering” at KIT. His main interests are bioelectric signals and fields in human body,  computational modelling of the heart, the inverse problem of electrocardiography, biosignal processing of ECG and intracardiac EGM, and new methods of medical imaging.

Supervision Experience:Supervised and finalized 46 PhD theses. He is currently supervising 11 PhD students.

BRC: De Melis Mirko

Scientific qualifications: He is a Senior Scientist in the R&T department at Medtronic BRC; he’s coordinator for the Diagnostics External Research Program, formerly Physicians Initiated Studies, and Diagnostics feasibility research in the area of Heart & Renal Failure, Hypertension and Arrhythmia risk stratification. He participated in several FP7 projects and he’s currently chair of the CARDIS consortium within Horizon2020.

Supervision Experience: Supervised two PhD students and several Master students projects (two per year in the last five years).

MIE: De Bie Johan

Scientific qualifications: After his PhD in Bio-Engineering, he founded the centralized ECG laboratory at Leiden University Medical Center, at the same time developing a computerized course for medical students in reading ECG’s for the Netherlands Heart Foundation. After that time, he became head of the Mortara Rangoni R&D group and now of the Mortara Instrument Engineering department and is based out of Bologna, Italy. He co-organized the Computers in Cardiology conference in 2008, and published several papers on ECG analysis and validation of ECG-related algorithms.

Supervision Experience: Supervised several Master students in collaboration of the University of Bologna.