Title: Progression and risk stratification

Start Month: M6

End Month: M45

Lead Beneficiary: BRC


  • To develop noise-proof techniques to continuously monitor and track the properties of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation episodes as brief as 5s and to study the correlation between brief PAF episodes and the risk for stroke.
  • To develop robust techniques for detection of AF in cardiovascular signals obtained using every-day sensors.
  • To assess non-invasive monitoring in a single lead subcutaneous device and its clinical utility in prediction of the effects of a specific therapy and remote therapy management.
  • To assess the role of premature atrial activity (PAC) in the onset of AF and AF progression.
  • To assess in specific clinical applications, i.e. anti-arrhythmic drug regimen, if it is possible to discriminate the effect of the drugs in the AT/AF interplay.

Description of work and Role of Specific Beneficiaries/Partner Organisations:

  • Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: Continuous tracking of arrhythmia progression lead by MIE, involving POLIMI, SKANE.
  • AF screening using everyday sensors lead by LU, involving POLIMI and UNIZAR, MIE.
  • Risk stratification and prediction of intervention outcome in AF using novel ECG-based markers of atrial remodelling lead by LU involving SKANE, BRC, UMIL.
  • Assessment of the AF triggers and their role in its progression lead by BRC, involving LU and POLIMI, SKANE.
  • Risk stratification and monitoring of AF and AT detected by a single lead ECG lead by POLIMI, involving LU, SKANE, BRC.