Methodology and WPs


WP N° WP Title Lead Partecipant Short Name
1 Project Management and Quality Control POLIMI
2 Basic Reasearch – Atrial arrhythmias mechanisms KIT
3 Monitoring, Progression and Risk Stratification BRC
4 Treatment UPV
5 Traning and Transfer of Knowledge LU
6 Public Engagement, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results UNIMI


The research programme proposed by My-atria will be multi-sectoral and multi-factorial aiming at advancing the state-of-the-art on: mechanisms associated with the three main types of AF; diagnosis, monitoring and progression of AF using implantable and everyday sensors with data fusion and complex signal analysis; AF pharmacological therapies targeting ion channels and neural components, and surgical treatment based on ablation therapy. Thus, the collaboration among academia, clinic and industry will be the basis for training new Researchers able to integrate the different sector approaches. Multidisciplinarity is another essential characteristic of My-Atria thanks to the wide variety of expertise within the consortium: the research will span from recording and analysis of cardiovascular signals, to electrophysiological, multi-scale, numerical modelling, to development of diagnosis- and therapy-oriented clinical tools.