MY-ATRIA brings together universities, companies and hospitals from 5 European countries and will enroll 12 Early-Stage Researchers (Italy (4), Spain (3), Germany (2), Sweden (2) and Netherlands (1)).

MY-ATRIA aims at a multidisciplinary network to develop research and training “without walls” among academic, industrial and clinical entities in the area of atrial disease.

MY-ATRIA will generate a new profile of Researcher with an intersectoral expertise able to fill the existing gap between basic research and clinical/business-oriented solutions.

Educational concepts: MY-ATRIA will implement a new, intersectoral paradigm of PhD training to shape a modern professional Researcher with cross-competencies and able to accelerate the transfer of advances in basic science to market and clinics.

Basic science: MY-ATRIA will gain new knowledge about atrial function, atrial arrhythmias progression and response to treatment, using model based integrative approaches to explore the complex processes of electrical, contractile, and structural remodeling of the atrial myocardium.

Technology solutions: MY-ATRIA will develop new methodologies and technologies for the early detection of atrial arrhythmias, its monitoring, progression and risk stratification as well as for a better patient treatment.


29 October 2021

MY-ATRIA Newsletter #4

The fourth newsletter of MY-ATRIA Project is available here. It reports the Winter School held online on January 2021.
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15 January 2021 / News

MY-ATRIA Newsletter #3

The third newsletter of MY-ATRIA Project is available here. It reports on the Summer School which was held in Jaca...
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1 September 2020 / News

Summer School 2020 Postponed!

The Summer School in Gargnano has been postponed to January 2021, due to travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19. The new...
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1 November 2019

MY-ATRIA Newsletter #2

The second newsletter of MY-ATRIA Project has been available here. It reports on the Winter School which was held in...
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26 April 2019 / News

MY-ATRIA Newsletter #1

The first newsletter of MY-ATRIA consortium has been issued. You may download it here
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30 November 2018 / News

Minutes of the Introductory Event are downloadable!

The Minutes of the Introductory Event are posted on the MY-ATRIA website. They are downloadable here
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A picture of the 12 ESRs at the Introductory Event in Milan
30 November 2018 / News

ESRs profiles are now available!

The 12 MY-ATRIA ESRs gathered in Milan for the Introductory Event on October 22 and 23, 2018. Their presentations and...
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21 October 2018 / News

The “Introductory Event” is incoming!

The Introductory event of MY-ATRIA will gather all the selected ESR at Politecnico di Milano for an exciting meeting of...
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27 February 2018 / News

New deadline !!!

The call for application is prolonged till March 19th, 2018
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22 February 2018 / News

Early Stage Researchers

The call for application for Early Stage Researchers (ESR) is now open! You can find the details and a description...
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