My-Atria brings together universities, companies and hospitals from 5 European countries (Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany).

My-Atria aims at a multidisciplinary network to develop research and training “without walls” among academic, industrial and clinical entities in the area of atrial disease.

My-Atria will generate a new profile of Researcher with an intersectoral expertise able to fill the existing gap between basic research and clinical/business-oriented solutions.

Educational concepts: My-Atria will implement a new, intersectoral paradigm of PhD training to shape a modern professional Researcher with cross-competencies and able to accelerate the transfer of advances in basic science to market and clinics.

Basic science: My-Atria will gain new knowledge about atrial functioning, atrial arrhythmias development and response to treatment, using multi-sectoral, model based integrative approach to explore the complex processes of electrical, contractile, and structural remodeling of the atrial myocardium.

Technology solutions: My-Atria will develop new methodologies and technologies for the early detection of atrial arrhythmias, its monitoring, progression and risk stratification as well as for a better patient treatment.